Living People, Living Proof, Living God

We've all heard about God’s miracles, either in books or on television. But now you can read about it from the real people in our church whose lives are a true miracle of God! These are the testimonies from their own words, no embellishments from any editor, only truth. Be inspired by their walk with God and amazed by what they have done in their life. Got a testimony yourself? We want to hear it! Please contact us for more details.


Yih-Chi Russell

4-time cancer survivor Yih-Chi Russell testifies to how her 10-year battle with cancer came to end by the power of God. "At the age of 29, I was diagnosed with Non-Hogkin Lymphoma. After four months of chemo and radiation therapy, I was put in remission. Even so, for the next seven years, the possibility of relapses led me to live in constant fear..." 

Bobby Wong

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Luke Mete

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